Inspired by the Litany Against Fear from Dune. Also this might the first poem I’ve written. I’m not sure it is a poem though so don’t quote me on that.

I must not pick up my phone.
Picking up my phone is the little death.
The glass — a screen — a window to the infinite.
Trying to fill each moment with stimulation — dopamine injections.
Wanting, needing like a junkie. Just one more hit. It’ll be different this time.
A slot machine with uncertain payoffs.
A waster of life. A destroyer of beautiful moments. An instigator of regrets.
There’s always a better thing. FOMO.
Always leading to one marshmallow decisions.
Training myself in the ways of consumption, becoming a sheep.
Suffocation of the moments in-between: destroying the space for creativity — for creating — for producing.
Boredom is beautiful — learn to embrace it.
Touching my phone without a purpose is purposeless.

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