Hi.  I’m David.  I am life-long entrepreneur hailing from Lawrence, Kansas who started my first business @ 10 years old.   Currently, I run Arooni Labs where I help people save thousands of dollars with personal press passes and help people find their phones.

I majored in CS at UC San Diego then worked at Microsoft for a few years.  I’ve also raised $500K in venture funding for a prior business.

But the best thing I’ve done thus far was spend 4 years of my life riding my motorcycle from Seattle Ushuaia Argentina and back up through Brazil [42,000 miles — 18 countries].

I struggle with perfectionism which sometimes leads to procrastination.  This site is an attempt to overcome these vices.

Insomnia is a bitch.  So I quit caffeine.  And I meditate.  But no green smoothies.  That’d be one step too far.  More about how to solve your insomnia and sleep issues forever, just like I did.

Writing is one of my ‘old man investments’.  Same with teaching myself the guitar.  And power lifting/basketball/boxing.

Social media is the devil.  But I’m a hypocrite because I still love twitter.  Follow me for cash and prizes, but mostly deep insights.  I used to use Instagram more.

I believe in doing the HARDER thing, but making doing it as easy as possible.

Production > Consumption.

Here I talk about entrepreneurship, life, and becoming a better man.

Stick around, and may today be the best day of your life.

Here’s what I’m up to right now.